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The cost of a portrait is often referred to as an investment.

A good piece of art, or a family heirloom will become more and more valuable to their owner over time. In instances where people have had to select a few treasured items from all of what they own, photographs are the most common possessions chosen, and with good reason. They are not only difficult or impossible to replace, but more importantly they have the most intrinsic value to their owners.

Here at Chandler Studios we know that portraits of loved ones are among your most valued possessions. When you decorate your home with fine photography of your family members, you show “what matters to you.”

You may purchase portraits from our ala carte menu or save money by ordering one of our portrait collections.

  • Ala Carte Portrait prices start at $85
  • Portrait Collections start at $395

Custom portraits are an invaluable investment in the memories

you will be able to keep for a lifetime.


At the conclusion of your Portrait Session, we will ask you to schedule an appointment so you can review and order your portrait selections. This appointment will be one to three weeks after your portrait session. At this appointment you will enjoy a slideshow of your proofs set to music, after which, we will view each individual proof, present cropping options and discuss any further minor retouching that you would like. Here you will enjoy the “art of the possible” for your images.

All decision makers should be present at the ordering presentation. In order to help you concentrate on your portrait images as you make the selections for your print order, we suggest that you do not bring small children.